Dear Friends, Fans & Supporters of the Music Arts, I need your help. Circumstances, both personal and professional, require my return to the USA and re-establishment in my home town of Columbus, Ohio. I humbly ask for help with funds for travel, shipping of equipment (bass guitar, amplifiers and accessories), clothes and temporary living expenses while I seek permanent housing. I fully understand that this is a terrible time for most of us and, in so thinking, I want you to know that any amount you could donate, whether small or large, I will be forever and so very deeply grateful. In fact, if you donate anything at all, please email me at and I will send download links for free music and other exclusive material such as little to unknown personal stories, personalized professional graphics (including Facebook "Cover" images) and other items you
may request. I hope to have the needed funds within the first half of July
2020 so that I may return no later than the 3rd week of July. This way, I
could possibly have permanent housing by September 1.
There are at least 4 ways you can help with a donation
by credit or debit card (+ other):
  1. Facebook Fundraiser. CLICK HERE.
  2. Paypal. Use the white box below clicking "I want to help" to donate via Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account to donate.
3. Purchase Music Downloads. Click here to navigate to my "Music Page". Then, go to the second music player which says "Myke Rock Band". Download the 17 song album or individual tracks. This music player accepts payments of many kinds, including Bancontact.
If you would like to donate another way (like IBAN/Bancontact) or have a question, please email
Thank you so much! - Myke Rock
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