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Jelle Edelenbosch reviewed Myke Rock
December 10, 2019 - Lazy Sunday Afternoon Concert Series
Eindeloos - Emmeloord, NL
Usually they're not moving  much, I'm talking about bass guitarists. However, there are also exceptions to the rule here and in this case the American Myke Rock living in Belgium. Great to see and hear. He turned out to be the tastemaker of the band.  The atmosphere in the sold-out establishment was also far too good.
"The Octopus"
It was very hot, but that could have been my cold. From the outset, Rock played delicious bass tones and often at a high rate. His long body was in full swing. Because of his long arms, legs and fingers (of Hendrix size) he reminded me of an octopus. In addition, he almost had his bass guitar on his knees. Beautifully rubbing it with his right hand over the strings of his Fender Precision. That man doesn't need a cleaning cloth for his instrument. He cleans it with SWEAT...
Dael V Escher reviewed Myke Rock — 5 star

April 16 · 

Never met a more dedicated and Strident music worker!

2018 - Devotion to music! - Rob Truyffaut
Chris Burk‎ to Myke Rock

February 5, 2017 · East Tawas, MI, United States · 

Myke...i seen you and the Bluesrockers at my hometown Tawas city michigan...at bluez by the bay. In a song..your strap fell off your bass... but instead of stopping...you played it on your knees like a stand up Bass while Ray was trying to give you your strap back. That was in Tawas Michigan. And we loved your professionalism!!!...a moment to live forever because of your dedication to the blues!!!...your fan Chris....tawas, michigan

Looking Sharp, sounded great! - Douglas Jefferson‎ 

Myke Rock is the absolute most creative bassist, period. Myke is the only bass player I've played with, that plays something amazing every night. I really mean every night, because it could be a gig or practice, but he freaks me out, he is so good.

~Jim Johnson, Alliance Entertainment (and long time Willie Phoenix drummer). Read his entire interview here: http://pencilstorm.com/blog/2016/6n2w40q1jepbnc8almkiiier4uw0xw

I was stunned to hear Fender bass and a soulful voice singing a song about where scum comes from. Like a deer caught in headlights, I severely dug his set. I was absolutely amazed. ~I.D. FLUX, Internet

Seeing a solo set by Myke Rock, who accompanied himself on bass, was the surprise of the fest for me. I was impressed. His set closer, the Beatles "Strawberry Fields Forever", was TERRIFIC! Correctly played parts and all!

~John Petric, The Other Paper, Columbus