PERFORMANCE: Myke Rock joins Kloot Per W, Jan Hautekiet and Kirsten Dewitte SAT MAY 12 '18 in Te

Saturday, May 12, 2018, is Artists In Residence: Kloot Per W - Julien, Au fond du bois meets ZUS. - Finissage Artiestentoer 2018 event. Kloot Per W (Kloot Perwez), an exceptional artist/painter, musician and recording artist (guitar, vocals, keyboards, programmer:,,, in addition to showing his art will perform with Jan Hautekiet (piano, keyboards, vocals and national radio host on Belgium's Radio 1 (,, Kirsten Dewitte (KirstenDuim Demoustier-De Witte, viola; Art=Shock, and Myke Rock (Myke Rock, electric bass guitar, Myke Rock Band: at Au fond du bois (Brusselsesteenweg 49, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium). The event runs from 3:00pm to 7:00pm and the music starts at approximately 3:30pm. Details on these accomplished recording artists are below. Kloot Per W (Kloot Perwez) Kloot Per W started as a bass player with The Misters and then as a guitarist with The Employees. He then goes solo with an early version of Jungle on his first self-titled LP for EMI, a rework of Why Do All Those Men and a Dutch-language song Ave Maria (At the Veldkapel). In 1986 he reached the finals of Humo's Rock Rally, but the jury is divided: one half thinks that by his age (then 30) and his experience at The Misters, among others, he should not have taken part in the competition for new talent, the another half finds him the outspoken winner because he has completely reinvented himself. He wins a hefty cash prize from SABAM for the best song and act, but is ignored by Humo. He performed his work on minimally produced cassettes (Lo Fi and D.I.Y.), which in 2000 became the basis for the three-part CD box Moon. He also plays at Polyphonic Size, a Brussels electrorock collective, produced by Jean-Jacques Burnel, The Sam Cooke singers, De Kreuners, De Lama's and Strictly Rockers. In 1988 he scored his biggest hit with Candy in a production by Dirk Blanchart... PLEASE CONTINUE AT ... Jan Hautekiet Hautekiet is a pianist, keyboard player and Morning On-Air Personality/Host for Belgium National Radio, Radio 1 (Radio Een). He did session work for, among others, Paul Louka, Eric Melaerts, Jean Blaute, Philip Catherine, John Ruocco, the LSP Band, the BRT Jazz Orchestra, The Scabs, Wigbert, Fay Lovsky, Ludo Mariman, Dirk Blanchart, Kloot Per W, Players and Drinkers, Jan De Wilde and Tucker Zimmerman. Collaborations With Patrick Riguelle. In 1997 a long collaboration with Patrick Riguelle started. In 1999 they founded De Laatste Showband together in De Laatste Show op Eén. The band played the show until 2011. As a duo they recorded the CD A Minor Thing (1998), filled with unknown or forgotten songs. The duo was supplemented with bassist Werner Lauscher and drummer Joost Van den Broeck and the group Red Harmony saw the light of day. With this formation, two CDs were released: Red Harmony (2000) and Dielectric Union (2002). At Dielectric Union, for the first time, own numbers were also found. In the autumn of 2008, Hautekiet and Patrick Riguelle went on tour with the performance Un Premier Amour. The title of the show refers to the eponymous song by Isabelle Aubret, with which the singer won the Eurovision Song Contest for France in 1962. During Un Premier Amour, which was repeated during the autumn of 2009, Riguelle & Hautekiet paid tribute to the French chanson. In 2012, Hautekiet released the album Un Premier Amour and toured with Riguelle. In 2015 they toured with Brel repertoire and released the CD registration On N'oublie Rien. With Rick de Leeuw. In 2002 he started a theater tour with Rick de Leeuw, in which stories, poems and songs alternated. In 2004, Hautekiet and de Leeuw went extensively on tour and released a DVD. In 2006 Hautekiet and de Leeuw toured Flanders and the Netherlands with Het leven has never been so beautiful. In 2008 Hautekiet and de Leeuw released the cd WAAR. In 2010, Hautekiet and de Leeuw toured with their third performance Op drift! A work-out for the eye, ear, soul and heart. In 2012 he toured with Rick de Leeuw and Meuris vs. the lion. In 2013 he released the album Beter Als with Rick de Leeuw. In 2014 he made the album De Parels and De Zwijnen with Rick de Leeuw. Radio From 2007 to 2010 he presented the current affairs quiz Double check on Radio 1. In 2011 he presented the interview program Touché. In September 2012 he started at Radio 1 the daily interactive discussion program Hautekiet. Please visit for more information.

Kirsten Dewitte

Get details on Kirsten Dewitte at KirstenDuim Demoustier-De Witte, viola; Art=Shock, Myke Rock Get details on Myke Rock at,, and

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