Big Time Belgian Blues: Long Tall Danny & Band (Danny Schallier w/ Myke Rock, Pascal Claeys and

FREE SHOW WEDNESDAY! It's a world of blues with Long Tall Danny (, Woensdag, 12 December, 2018 at Foodbar Vino vino (Grauwerkersstraat 15, 8000, Brugge, Belgium) beginning at 8:30pm. Danny Schallier (Guitar & Vox), Myke Rock - Myke Rock (VS - Bass Guitar), Pascal Claeys (Drums) & Thomas Vandenabeele (Harp), bring the Big Time Belgian Blues experience, led by the Director and Host of one of Belgium's most enduring and most popular ongoing blues jams, guitarist Danny Schallier. Come for the Blues, stay for the good times!! VISIT THE FACEBOOK EVENT/RSVP PAGE: MYKE ROCK EVENTS/TOUR PAGE:


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