Per W/Pawlowski IN CONCERT @ Het Debuut, Westerlo, ZAT 7 DEC! Marcel Vanthilt & KPW to OPEN!!

Of historic importance, a pair of severely unique and accomplished Belgian icons have combined to present a palpable, meaty, delectable collection of songs. From the beautiful and moving to the splendidly powerful. You get it all, in CD form and in the essential concert experience. Guitarist, singer and writer Kloot Per W (Kloor Perwez) is an unprecedented centipede from simplistic avant-pop, indie and underground rock to crossover Belpop. The former EMI and Mercury labels recording artist has built up an impressive discography through the decades with The Misters, The Employees (Pick It Up), Polyphonic Size, De Kreuners, and De Lama's, among others and of course numerous releases under his own name. Mauro Pawlowski (MauroPowWiki) is one of the key figures in the Belgian contemporary music scene. As frontman and founding member of the Evil Superstars (It's a Sad, Sad Planet) and then a 12 year tenure with dEUS (VRT, Quatra Mains, HLN) he was an integral part of the first wave of the Belgian music boom in the 90's giving the movement critical oxygen through poetic small art to free jazz and mouth-watering indie rock. The dynamic duo of Per W/Pawlowski has gifted to the world an acclaimed 21 track album “Insider/Outsider” and is performing concerts in support of the vast offering in which set lists include more than half of the material. Per W/Pawlowski’s -in concert- includes bassist and recent USA transplant Myke Rock (Myke Rock), drummer Achiel Keppens (Phil Jacks), guitarist Kristoff Martens (AP Hogeschool) and keyboardist Niels Verheest (The Music Musketeers, Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen). Support: Not Eno & Cale featuring Marcel Vanthilt & KPW!

“...a spicy album that deserves a beautiful place in Belgian rock history...” -

“A demented version of about half the Flemish Traveling Wilburys: they are Per W / Pawlowski, together more than a hundred years of pop history...” -

A concert by Per W/Pawlowski in support of their acclaimed album titled Insider/Outsider. Check out ALL the details below!

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Saturday, December 7, 2019, 7 PM – 10:30 PM

Het Debuut

Boskant 10, 2260 Westerlo

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VVK € 15,45 - Kassa € 18,80

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Listen to songs from Per W/Pawlowski's "Insider/Outsider" album:

Smokey Derision

Land Of The Most Forgotten

Stand Up Chameleon

Sleepless Under Water

Eleonora Rigby

We Won't Lose Touch

Support: Not Eno & Cale

Marcel Vanthilt (Arbeid Adelt!, TV figure, MTV presenter, columnist, quizmaster, jury member, presenter Radio 1 program “Retro” succeeding Luc Janssen) teams up with Kloot Per W for an essential nod to a pair of iconic musicians, key figures in the sinfully tasty musical arts.