SUN DEC 22: Jamal Thomas is BACK (Drummer of 30 years with SOS Band & Maceo Parker!) w/ Friends

Jamal Thomas & Friends LIVE at Comptoir Des Arts Sunday, December 22, 2019!

Jamal Thomas & Friends give you a blowout concert to jumpstart that nice, warm, yummy feeling deep down in your core for the Holiday season on Sunday, December 22, 2019, beginning at 8:30pm. Comptoir Des Arts (Vlamingstraat 53, 8000 Brugge, Belgium: hosts the special (and Free) event that features the best of the Blues, R&B, Funk and Rock. Top musicians join the Gold Record Drummer, who spent a combined 30 years touring and recording with the SOS Band and Maceo Parker! The showtime musicians include guitarist Steve Maas (Stevie's Experience, MaasDemets), bassist Myke Rock (Myke Rock, Per W/Pawlowski,, drummer Marcus Weymaere (Marcus Weymaere, Guy Swinnen Band,The Voice Belgique, Hep Music) and keyboardist Lander Mestdach (The Memphis Truckdrivers). Bring...your...Dancin' shoes, baby!!

Check out the links below for video and more!

Jamal Thomas drumming with SOS Band - "Just Like You" (Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) Jamal Thomas drumming with Maceo Parker - "Gimme Some More" Jamal Thomas drumming with Maceo Parker - "Let's Get It On"

Jamal Thomas drumming with SOS Band - "The Finest"

VIDEO: Superstition (Jamal Thomas & Friends -Live-)

VIDEO: Come Together (Jamal Thomas & Friends -Live-)

VIDEO: Just Be Good To Me (Jamal Thomas & Friends -Live-)

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