May 28: Cat String Theory w/ Jamal Thomas, Ze's feat. Saa Pink at Mooie Molen - Roeselare, Belgium!

Published on 7 May 2022 at 15:22

Cat String Theory (USA) with Special Guests (Performing numbers with the band!) Jamal Thomas (ex-SOS Band, Maceo Parker) & Ze's Feat. Saa Pink


De Mooie Molen (Kurt Vandenbroucke) Presents -Cat String Theory- Europe Tour / The Heavy Weight Record Release Concert, Saturday, May 28, 2022, at De Mooie Molen (Meeseheirweg 39, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium). Only 10€ to enter this special event! Showtime is 8:00. Cat String Theory (Myke Rock/Myke Rock:, - Bass/Vox, Jose Cash - Guitar/Vox, Stan Tinople - Drums/Vox) will record the 7 song album in early April, releasing the CD exclusively at the shows on this tour and making digital downloads, at first, available exclusively on About The Heavy Weight tour, Rock said, "I have been wanting to get back to Belgium since the pandemic forced me to take refuge back in the states nearly 2 years ago. It's been a long time comin' and I aim to make the absolute best out of the time I have in my second homeland. I told Jose and Stan, 'On this tour we leave it ALL on stage, each and every show!' I just can't wait to see my friends and the great Belgian music fans I've come to love and especially at the Mooie Molen...".




Bass player Myke Rock lived in Belgium from January 2018 through June 2020, performing through Europe with recording artists like guitarist Kloot Per W (Per W/Pawlowski, The Misters, The Employees, Polyphonic Size, De Kreuners, The Belpop Bastards...), guitarist Mauro Pawlowski (Evil Superstars, dEUS, Per W/Pawlowski), and drummer Jamal Thomas (SOS Band, Maceo Parker, Chuck Leavell -Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton-, Jamal Thomas Band, Fred Wesley -James Brown, Maceo Parker-...) among others, is excited to reunite with friends, fans and Europe's rock music lovers.


After 30 years of performing world wide with artists like Maceo Parker (James Brown, Prince), the SOS Band, Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton) and producing team Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (Janet Jackson, Pink) Jamal Thomas has seen the limelight long enough to know where the soul of music is born. Combined with the R’n'B experience of the famous US Drummer from Macon, Georgia, jazz influences and of course the super funk is always represented to a high degree. Though Thomas exclaims a sensational mixture of old-school funk and new-school soul excitement, with the raw energy to groove you through the seat of your soul, the drum master has had his time performing with bands like Black Oak Arkansas.

The drummer, singer, producer and composer released the album "Funk Don't Move" (Jamal Thomas Band) in the spring of 2018. This exceptional effort featured extraordinary performances by Chuck Leavell (Rolling Stones), Rodney 'Skeet' Curtis (Maceo Parker/ Parliament Funkadelic) and Bruno Speight (Maceo Parker/SOS Band). Today, along with an occasional stateside excursion, Thomas continues his performance and recording career, creating great times throughout Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. Check out the links below for audio, video and more information.


Jamal Thomas drumming & singing on "Groove" (Jamal Thomas Band)

Jamal Thomas drumming with SOS Band - "Just Like You" (Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)

Jamal Thomas drumming with Maceo Parker - "Gimme Some More"

Jamal Thomas drumming with Maceo Parker - "Let's Get It On"

Jamal Thomas drumming with SOS Band - "The Finest"


Ze's Feat. Saa Pink is the brainchild of guitarist and former Petit Théâtre de Forzée music teacher Jean-Marc Godfroid. The duo is made complete with the strong and tantalizing vocal performance of Saa Pink (Sarah Carpentier). Together they bring to the studio and stage an intriguing and outstanding energetic, dance-inducing fury of tasty pop. This sentiment is proven true as a result of placing as a Finalist in "La Wallonie a du Talent 2021" (Wallonia's Got Talent) competition. Clearly influenced by artists like Chic, SOS Band, Technotronic, Donna Summer, Daft Punk, Bruno Mars and Gala, the irresistible urge to move your body is a typical reaction to this sonic machine. With 3 albums under their belt, 2015's A Step Outside, 2018's Vinyl and 2021's Game Open, Ze's Feat. Zaa Pink promises a fantastic start to a special night. The dynamic duo will perform not only the opening set at Mooie Molen Saturday, May 28, but will play a couple songs with headliner Cat String Theory (USA). Check out the artists music and information links below.


Official Video: I Want A Dream (From the “Game Open” LP)

Live Video From a National TV appearance

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